Steve Estes Live

Steve Estes returns to Hillside for First Friday with his band Thunder & Lightnin' on June 1st

Thunder & Lightnin’ delivering a dynamic, energetic, harmony filled show infused with a huge dose of fun.

One moment its “Duelin’ Banjos”, the next a sweet ballad, then a rocker like the Spencer Davis Group’s classic, “Gimme Some Lovin”.  Flat and Scruggs, Beatles, the Dead?  Yes.  Country, rock, punk, metal, folk, blues – few genres escape Thunder & Lightnin’s playlist.

​Thunder & Lightnin' originals are getting great reviews as well – like “Alive or Dead”, “Here to Stay”, “My Paradise is You”, and “Dimly Lit Cabin”.  The recently released studio album, "Thunder & Lightnin' - a noise from up the holler"  features 14  of their most popular original compositions.

​One other thing setting Thunder & Lightnin’ apart is their audience appeal, connecting with practically every demographic and musical taste. If you are looking for fun, this is your ticket.