UFO's, ET's & Other Strange Anomalies


Thursday, February 15th, 6PM-8PM

Ever wonder about ET’s or UFO’s? This question fascinates everyone from adults and children to scientists and philosophers. Some of the most popular movies of all time — from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial — have sparked our imaginations and kept us wondering about what — or who — else might be out there!

Of course, some people firmly believe that aliens do exist. Many of these people are more fascinated with the questions of whether aliens visit Earth and, if they do, how they get here.

Well, if you’re at all curious you don’t want to miss the opportunity to find out more. There will be a FREE presentation given by local psychic Astrologer Joseph P. Anthony and research/truth-seeker Douglas Newman sponsored by Art & Soul of Sedona on February 15th at 6pm. This event will feature many photos of flying crafts, eyewitness accounts, and military personnel who claim to have worked in top secret space projects. They will also talk about the history of UFO’s as well as why this topic should be of great importance to us. There will also be a Special Guest appearance by Michael Horn who is the official United States representative for Mr. Edward “Billy” Meier from Switzerland.

This event is limited to 50 seats so please RSVP as soon as possible to assure a seat. 

480-463-1540 or email: joe@planetswithin.com