Featured Artist - Patricia Caldwell

Patricia I Caldwell is an award winning fiber artist who has been published in numerous magazines here in the United States and overseas. By the 1990's she was designing her own patterns to share with others. Wanting to expand on her skills and techniques along with a desire to be more artistically creative,  she decided to take a year off to grow and learn, taking as many classes as she could. This process helped her open up to a whole new world of adding different elements to her art quilts. 

Because nature has always been an inspiration to her, she often includes many natural elements in her work. Patricia dreams about her designs and puts them down on paper before she begins the process. Sometimes this works and other times she just lets it flow. She is learning that when she allows the inspiration to flow her art speaks to her on a much deeper level.  

Married to a retired military member she has lived in a lot of places around the world and here in the U.S. As soon as the arrived in the Sedona area she could feel the energy shift. With this shift her art has risen to a new level and is growing in a new direction. Follow her on FaceBook to see what she is  currently working on at  PatriciaICaldwell.com

Featured Artist at Movin'On Gallery