High Country Moods

James Ratliff Gallery is extremely pleased to announce a one woman show for artist Jody Ahrens with a public reception held Friday, March 3rd from 5-8 P.M. at James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, 671 State Route 179.  Ms. Ahrens will attend  and  present a short talk at 6 P.M. 

Artist Jody Ahrens Brings “High Country Moods” to James Ratliff Gallery! 

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree regarding award winning artist Jody Ahrens. Both Jody’s parents were accomplished artists so from a very young age Jody was part of that special world created by sensitivity  to color, shape, light and shadow, textures, and even the particular odor of paint.  Since both her parents were artists, various  media were available to her  One day, a young Jody went into the attic and found some tubes of oil paint, opened and took in the deeply rich colors and scent of the paint. From that moment, Jody wanted to learn oil painting!  According to Jody, “ When I asked my parents to help me learn to paint with oil paints, the answer was always the same, ‘Let’s pack a picnic lunch, get out the oil paints and teach Jody oil painting.’   Sadly, it never happened!”   'TIL MUCH LATER!

One day, at age 32, when Jody had a family of her own…..her Dad called to say they were coming for a visit and reminded Jody of her childhood desire to learn to paint with oils.  And he wanted to take her shopping  for oil paints!! And when those paints had been purchased and tops had been twisted off the tubes, the glorious colors and particular smell of oil paint awakened latent childhood memories which   came flooding back.  Remembers Jody, “Even though I was, at that time, involved in outdoor activities like skiing,  water skiing and exploration of mining towns….. to please my Dad, he and I went landscape painting with brand new oil paints.  My affinity and love for painting hasn’t waned since that day although my landscape style has evolved from very abstract to being considered  abstracted landscape.”   

Another large influence leading Ms. Ahrens in the direction of abstracted landscapes has come from a workshop presented by the German Impressionist Guido Frick whose encouragement, pushing and prodding, has  led her to the highly successful style which is now Jody’s focus.    Her use of bold, rich  oil colors is always inviting and somehow comforting….reminding viewers of visits to beautiful farm country warmed by the sun or groves of trees gracing  mountains or foothills.  And, as Jody defines it, “These days there’s that small amount of edginess in my work as I enjoy playing with more geometric shapes as I paint these  landscapes.”  There’s never a question as to what the scene conveys, but there are those  little differences which  make  all the difference! !

Receiving many accolades over the years, Jody Ahrens’ most recent award is being selected as one of 30 artists whose paintings were selected,  from a group of over 300 artists’ juried works, for the annual Colorado Governor’s Show to be hung in the Loveland Museum/Gallery from April 29th through May 28th, 2017.   
Over the intervening years, Jody has shown her work in wonderful galleries in various cities such as San Francisco, Redding, Grand Junction, Sedona and others.  In addition, her many divergent interests and  skills have been confirmed through successful ownership of a  video production company  with her daughter. And Ms.Ahrens currently  owns a liquid vitamin company.  So this artist uses both sides of her organized and creative brain very well!!  Jody Ahrens is a lifelong artist with collectors and awards from   across the country.   She is known for her distinctive abstracted style and use of bold , rich oil colors that capture the underlying essence and mood of a landscape that most people don’t notice.   James Ratliff Gallery invites to you join them and notice for yourself!   www.jamesratliffgallery.com